MPI-WTS Water Treatment Station has been developed in order to eliminate impurities in oil-in-water emulsions which are used in the hydraulic supply systems of powered roof supports.

A properly chosen mechanical filters system together with a semi-permeable osmotic membrane ensures the elimination of mechanical (sand, rust, corrosion, silt, suspension), chemical (chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds and many others) and microbiological (bacteria and fungi) impurities.

Thanks to the precipitation and neutralization of the bacteria and fungi from the raw water we can prepare such an oil-in-water emulsion which due to its highest quality has a very beneficial effect on the operation of the longwall-related devices, such as: control valves, powered roof support or pump station components. Water which has been purified in this way and, consequently, the emulsion which has been prepared on its basis, ensures almost continuous operation of longwall equipment due to the elimination of breaks caused by the necessity of replacement of the contaminated filter cartridges as well as the necessity of cleaning of control hydraulic systems.

We offer comprehensive services, starting from the design of water treatment station with particular consideration given to the chemical composition and conditions of the aw water, through full service including a range of spare parts.

The advantages of using MPI-WTS Water Treatment Station:

  • Elimination of the excessive number of obstructing proper operation chemical compounds from the water which is used to produce oil-in-water emulsion
  • Achieving required parameters of waters, i.e. total hardness and conductivity, chlorides, sulfates and iron content in the operation boundary conditions,
  • Modular construction of the device – the entire construction is built in a cage which can be installed on the floor or hung on the structure elements of the monorail track.
  • The device can be used as a component of a MPI-EPS high pressure pump station or as an independent additional device to currently used supply systems.
  • Continuous operation of the equipment,
  • Automatic control,
  • Prolonged operation time of the longwall equipment
  • Precipitation and neutralization of fungi which can be found in water.
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