The DC-19 Disinfection Cabin is designed for effective and non-invasive disinfection/sanitization of staff’s clothing in production and industrial sites, offices, shopping centres, public places as well as open urban spaces etc.

Through extensive experience, MPI Technologies has developed an innovative disinfection cabin.

Special nozzles ensure high disinfection efficiency with minimal use of disinfectants, while maintaining an optimum level of safety and hygiene. Rapid diffusion of the disinfectant guarantees fast distribution of mist in the cabin, significantly reducing sanitization time.

The DC-19 Disinfection Cabin produces microdroplet mist of the disinfectant recommended by the manufacturer. Agents used for disinfection and sanitization should be used in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of a given preparation.

Advantages of the DC-19 Disinfection Cabin:

  • effective disinfection/sanitization up to 90%
  • easy to install
  • contact-free operation
  • compact size and mobility
  • high performance
  • efficient operation
  • operation in continuous mode or on as-needed basis
  • low cost of purchase and use
  • 2-year guarantee

Benefits of using the DC-19 Disinfection Cabin:

  • improving safety and comfort of staff and customers
  • reducing absenteeism
  • minimizing downtimes and slowdowns in business activity

Installation and functioning

The DC-19 Disinfection Cabin can be installed directly in front of the entrance to a site/room, so that all persons who enter the premises of the site/room are subject to disinfection process. The cabin comprises a stainless steel frame and enclosure made of plexiglass panels. These materials are not only durable and resistant to external factors, but also easy to clean. The system works automatically and is activated when the photocell detects a passing person. The disinfectant is sucked in from a 200 l tank by means of a pump and then transported under the appropriate pressure to 14 nozzles that spray the agent in the form of mist. The spray time can be adjusted from 2 to 30 seconds. The cabin is equipped with a grating integrated with a pan for used chemical.

The cabin also features a shoe disinfection function provided by sanitizing mats.

Technical parameters:

dimensions 1.2m x 2.2m x 2m (W x H x D)
supply voltage 230 V (option – 12V power supply)
number of nozzles 14 pcs (8 top and 6 side nozzles)
activation automatic
operating pressure of nozzles 2-10 bar
water consumption approx. 28l/h
recommended disinfectant colloidal silver nano ag 4k (dilution 1:80)
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