MPI Technologies is a dynamically growing company operating in the mining and industry sectors. Our activities are based on the many years of experience and passion of our qualified engineering staff.

MPI Technologies provides high pressure pumps & pump stations together with accompanying equipment and fittings for various industries.

For the underground mining industry we deliver high pressure pump stations used for feeding powered roof supports as well as sprinkling and cooling systems for shearer and plow complexes.

As a complement to our pump stations we offer underground water treatment stations and automated emulsion production and control systems.

MPI Technologies also produces high pressure & low pressure quick assembly steel pipelines and dedicated fittings used mainly in underground mining for supplying the longwall equipment with water or water – oil emulsion as well as compressed air installations. We offer various systems of pipes connection as per Customers’ needs and particular application requirements (clamps connection, thread connection, flange connection, nominal diameter up to DN125, nominal pressure up to PN420).

For the industry, we offer turnkey complete descaling systems for hot rolled products using the hydromechanical method. We develop our individual solutions based on many years of experience in the scope of descaling and in the field of water hydraulics in connection with pumps, pipelines and pressure valves as well as hydraulic installations for various applications.

Our systems are successfully in operation worldwide, ie. Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, etc.

Shall you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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