MPI-ECS Emulsion Cooling Station is used to cool emulsion or water in hydraulic systems for mining plants in zones with high risk of methane (“a”, “b” or “c” level) and/or A or B class coal dust explosion.

Modular construction of the MPI-ECS emulsion cooling station enables the adaptation of the station efficiency to the cooling capacity in the range of 50 ÷ 200kW.

In order to optimize the amount of the extracted fluid, MPI-ECS Cooling Station has an automatic temperature regulation system which reduces the cooling fluid amount to a minimum while maintaining the desired temperature of the cooling emulsion at the same time.

The station can be also equipped with a drain filter with a by-pass system which enables temporary disconnection of the cooling machine from the system and carry out service and maintenance works.

The MPI-ECS entire construction is built in a cage designed for floor installation or for hanging on the elements of the suspended monorail installation.

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