High pressure EHP-3K and EHP-5K pumps

High pressure EHP-3K and EHP-5K Hauhinco pumps have been widely used in different industries around the world in various, even very harsh conditions for more than 50 years. Many years of experience in water hydraulics and continuous research on fluids technology has enabled a constant development of high pressure pumps.

One of the reason high pressure EHP-3K and EHP-5K pumps were designed and manufactured was to meet harsh conditions in underground mines. They are used, for example, to supply emulsion to powered roof supports as well as to power spraying systems of roof supports, cooling drives of the equipment operating near longwall and to power longwall shearer spraying systems.

High pressure triplex-plunger and quintuplex-plunger Hauhinco pumps are energy-saving, durable devices designed for continuous operation. The pumps are low-consumption, highly efficient equipment with long lifespan and thanks to it they have gained its reputation of reliable devices.
Designers of Hauhinco high pressure pumps paid a lot of attention to the materials from which each pump element was made. Plungers used in pumps have a unique composition which makes them highly durable. The plungers have also an additional hardening and anti-corrosive coating which prolongs their service life. Parts of the pump body which have a direct contact with the working fluid are made of a material with increased corrosion resistance. That is why apart from oil-in-water emulsion, a clear non-oily water can be used as a working fluid as well.

Key pump components, such as sensors, valves or lubrication system are located outside the pump which gives an easy access to it and a possible replacement of parts does not cause problems for its users. Crankshaft and plungers can be easily replaced which enables the change of pressure and efficiency of the pump. Thanks to it EHP pumps can be easily adapted to the actual needs of its users.

The body of the high pressure EHP-3K pump is a uniform casting and is available in two options – flange or foot type. In the mining industry flange type pumps are used most frequently as their installation is easier and the coaxial setup of the pump and motor is ensured. This way of installation can limit the number of oscillations and vibrations of the whole pump system and, consequently, the excessive wear of bearings and coupling inserts is reduced. This kind of solution is more reliable and durable. It is also possible to provide a foot type pump at a client’s request.

The ongoing service and maintenance works are conducted according to the technical and operational documentation of the manufacturer. The application of original spare parts and using an authorized service center can prolong service life of pumps and ensure their failure-free service. Nowadays Hauhinco pumps are used almost in all Polish mines. Their service life can exceed even 20 years when a proper service and regular repairs are ensured.

High pressure pumps are used in different industries, mainly for:

  • supplying powered roof supports with emulsion;
  • powering roof supports spraying systems as well as cooling systems of drives of the equipment operating near lognwall;
  • powering spraying system of longwall shearers;
  • powering hydraulic press systems;
  • test stations
  • and many other sectors where the application of a high pressure fluid is necessary.

The advantages of the Hauhinco three and five plunger pumps:

  • compact design thanks to a short plunger stroke;
  • 24/7 operation time;
  • energy-efficient;
  • highly efficient;
  • reliable;
  • two options – foot or flange type;
  • The elements which have a contact with the working fluid are made of materials with increased corrosion resistance;
  • working fluid – all natural fluids with a viscosity of 0.5 – 4.0 mm²/s as well as clear non-oily water;
  • possibility of applying a variable frequency drive;
  • possibility of changing pressure and efficiency thanks to the replacement of plungers and/or crankshaft;
  • quick and easy replacement of parts thanks to a simple design.
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