MPI Technologies company specializes in the production of high pressure pump aggregates with HAUHINCO pumps which are used in black coal mining as pump stations for the supply of emulsion to powered roof supports and water pump stations for powering spraying systems of powered roof supports, cooling drives of the equipment working near longwall and to power longwall shearer spraying systems.

MPI EPS (Emulsion Pump Station) pumps and MPI WPS (Water Pump Station) are designed by our highly qualified staff which has many years of experience in high pressure hydraulics. These pumps boast to be best-quality devices and the components used in their production come from recognized Polish and world manufacturers.

Each MPI Technologies pump station is designed according to client’s request and based on plant’s actual needs and mining and geological conditions. Thanks to the individual approach, it is possible to optimize the operating costs of the aggregates themselves as well as other devices directly/indirectly influenced by other equipment provided by MPI company.

Many years of rich professional experience of MPI Technologies employees in powered hydraulics have enabled us to realize a lot of pump stations delivery projects for roof supports as well as for roof supports spraying system, cooling drives of longwall equipment and for powering longwall shearer spraying system both in Poland and abroad. Our last projects for foreign markets include deliveries, for example, to Russian mines (2020), the Czech Republic (2019) and Kazakhstan (2019).

The complete high pressure pump stations delivered by our company are equipped with a microprocessor control system and enable automatic operation of pumps as well as monitor all operation parameters of the aggregate and control pump operation depending on the kind of the working fluid needed.

MPI Technologies high pressure pump stations have a modular system ensuring its transport and installation is quick, easy and safe which is highly important underground. Modular systems also has another advantage – by adding more elements from MPI offer it is possible to expand the system with other components, such as: WTS – Water Treatment Stations, ECS – Emulsion Cooling Stations or a special Device for Parameter Measurement and Automatic Regulation Of Emulsion Concentration DAREC-1.

High pressure pump stations provided by MPI Technologies company as well as all their components are designed to operate underground with a frequent methane or/and dust explosion risk. That is why both mechanical and electric equipment of pump aggregates with HAUHINCO piston pumps EHP-3K in a serial configuration can be used in rooms classified as having “a”, “b” or “c” risk of methane explosion as well as A or B class risk of coal dust explosion. They can be used in non-explosive mining excavations too.

In order to meet our clients needs, we have a proper service facility in Poland as well as abroad. We have a proper stock of spare parts for the devices in our offer and that is what enables us to react quickly depending on our clients actual service needs. During our deliveries we monitor the installation progress as well as the first start-up of a device. We also provide trainings for groups of employees of the user.

An example of equipment of the MPI EPS high pressure pump station for powered roof supports:

  • PU EHP-3K or PU EHP-5K pump units with electric motors;
  • Emulsion tanks with equipment;
  • Filter stations: inlet, high pressure and drain;
  • Hydraulic accumulator stations;
  • Pump station automatic control system;
  • Measuring devices;
  • WTS – Water Treatment Station;
  • ECS – Emulsion Cooling Station;
  • Device for parameters measurement and automatic regulation of emulsion concentration DAREC-1;
  • Wires and connection fittings.

An example of equipment of MPI WPS water pump stations for powered roof supports spraying systems, cooling drives of the equipment operating near longwall as well as for longwall shearers spraying systems:

  • PU EHP-3K pump units with electric motos;
  • Water tanks with equipment;
  • Filter stations;
  • Pump station automatic control system;
  • Measurement devices;
  • Wires and connection fittings.

MPI Technologies manufactures high and low pressure pipelines and special fasteners mainly used in underground mining for powering longwall equipment with oil-in-water emulsion or water and for compressed air supply. We offer different pipes connection systems according to our clients needs and special requirements for specific applications (clamping rings, screw joint, flange joint, nominal diameters up to DN125, nominal pressure up to PN420).

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