Parameter Measurement and Automatic Regulation Of Emulsion Concentration

DAREC-1 is designated for parameters measurement and automatic adjustment of an oil – water emulsion concentration operating in hydraulic circuits in underground premises with methane explosion hazard class ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’ and/or coal dust explosion hazard class A or B.

In addition to current full control of the additive content in the emulsion, the device also measures the pH and conductivity of the fluid.

Device module construction – the whole DAREC-1 unit is assembled in a cage designed for floor installation or for hanging on the elements of the suspended monorail installation.

The device may operate as a part of MPI-EPS high pressure pump station as well as an independent element of existing high pressure system.

DAREC-1 monitors and controls working fluid parameters, thus prevents excessive corrosion and bacterial growth. This directly affects the efficiency of the hydraulic system elements, prevents degradation of its elements, and also have direct impact onto operating costs and reliability of the entire circulation.

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