Quick-assembly high and low pressure pipelines

Quick-connect high and low pressure pipelines are used to send liquid and gas fluids in different industries.

Quick-connect high pressure systems and special fasteners in underground mining are mainly used to power longwall equipment with oil-in-water emulsion or water as well as supply compressed air and in fire protection systems and in drainage. Except for underground mining, pipelines offered by MPI Technologies company can also be used in chemical, construction, shipbuilding and metallurgical industries.

High pressure pipelines offered by MPI Technologies boast the highest quality and, reliability and are easy to install. The manufacturing process itself is conducted using modern welding techniques. The highest quality and, consequently, the safety of our users are priorities for our company. That is why every manufactured pipe has to undergo a pressure test with 1.5 ratio in relation to the nominal parameters of each series.

Over the past few years MPI Technologies completed a series of deliveries – both in Poland and abroad. Our clients were, among others, customers from the Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Australia and, of course, Poland.

In our offered product you can find cylindrical-conical joint pipes, fish (clamp) joint as well as flange joint pipes. We provide steel seamed or seamless pipes depending on the needs of our client. In our offer you can also find necessary fittings such as: high and low pressure ball valves, non-return valves, Y-connectors, collectors, elbow joints, flexible hoses, slings, etc.

High and low pressure pipes parameters:

  • Diameter: up to DN125
  • Pressure: up to PN420
  • Pipes length: up to 6 m

At the client’s request, we are able to match proper technical parameters of the pipeline with the necessary equipment depending on mining and geological conditions. This has to do with the calculation of pressure losses which occur at the final destination (e.g. the beginning of a longwall) which are caused by slopes, neckings and other factors that can cause resistance to the working fluid.

We ensure individual approach to each Client, quick reaction to the needs of the market and full flexibility in the choice of a proper product.

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