High pressure water hydraulic system solutions for your application

Hauhinco offers its customers more than a broad selection of high-pressure plunger pumps and valves. Our core competence is the development of customer-specific water hydraulic high-pressure fluid system solutions that meet the most demanding requirements. In addition to output, precision, safety and reliability, our customers are increasingly looking for outstanding technical and economic efficiency.

Water hydraulic high-pressure plunger pumps, valves and fluid systems by Hauhinco & MPI Technologies cover all of these demands and give your company a crucial edge in a highly competitive market. Our product and engineering solutions are the perfect match for all new and existing water hydraulics systems and applications. Decades of valuable experience in high-pressure applications used in underground coal mines across the world, from small and medium-sized companies to global corporations and OEMs, allowed us to gain unique specialist expertise in the development and construction of modern systems that are based on water as a hydraulic fluid.

Press Controls:

Safety, efficiency and precision:

Hauhinco control systems for water hydraulic presses
Engineering customer-specific control systems for water hydraulic presses is our specialty. We have more than 30 years of experience in the development and commissioning of control systems (control blocks) for existing and new presses. Our expertise in this area includes extensions, performance enhancements and additions to existing press systems, as well as new developments with self-sufficient supply and control systems.

Our substantial process know-how enables us to deliver the best performance when it comes to the safety, efficiency, precision and quality of presses. Hauhinco offers a comprehensive product portfolio of water hydraulics solutions, which enables us to develop and commission everything from individual components to the engineering of large-scale customer-specific hydraulics systems.

Water-hydraulic control systems and drives by Hauhinco have already been commissioned in more than 100 projects involving both new and existing presses.

Press Drives:

Reliable water hydraulic drives for new and existing presses

In the area of industrial applications, Hauhinco’s core competence is the development and installation of press drives with integrated high-pressure plunger pumps and water hydraulic press control systems.

All around the world, companies from the aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, rubber and wood industries use our triplex and quintuplex plunger pumps as the most reliable choice when it comes to press drives in 24-7 operations. Since the 1980’s, we have completed numerous projects involving water hydraulic systems for industrial use, ranging from stand-alone decentralised high-pressure pump systems to large-scale centralised pump stations.

Our solutions cover the entire range from small multi-daylight upstroke presses using medium-pressure to forging presses and extrusion presses in high-pressure applications with press forces of several thousand tons.


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